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What is Koshiki Karate-Do?

Koshiki Karate-Do is a traditional Okinawan martial arts school in Lawndale, CA. Koshiki Karate-Do dojo (school) teaches the various elements of Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do: kumite (sparring), kata (forms), weapons (kubudo), and self-defense. 

Classes are offered for children, adults, and persons with developmental disabilities. 

The primary focus of classes is to learn martial arts techniques, but the secondary benefits of karate-do are the aspects that last with students for a lifetime. Students at Koshiki: 

  • Grow in discipline and respect for themselves, peers, authority and society.

  • Build self-awareness of their own abilities and are challenged to develop new skills.

  • Gain self-confidence to face adversity in life.

  • Develop a healthy lifestyle of physical bodily training.

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